My Name is Hannah

I am 23

I live in Australia

I have two puppies Lily and Mia who are more like my children, I love interior design and home decor which means my collection of homewares is getting slightly out of control. My boyfriend and I are actually at the early stages of building our first home together so you will find I’ll blog about those things from time to time however recently I have fallen absolutely head over heels In love with all things baked.

I am what you’d consider a beginner in the baking world.  With the dream to become an amazing baker mastering every single technique and skill that there could possibly be.

Which got me thinking I’m sure there are plenty of other people all around the world just like myself practising new recipes, attempting to create beautiful looking and wonderful tasting delights. So I thought why not make a blog to follow the journey of a beginner baker. I will post all my success and fails in the kitchen hopefully learning new tricks along the way and interacting with all my peers.

Lots of Love Hannah xx

13 thoughts on “About

    • I’m the same Lona, I don’t even necessarily eat most of what I bake, I just love the whole process. Thanks so much for following my blog, I’m looking forward to seeing more of your posts also 🙂

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