Chocolate Cupcakes with Butter Cream Frosting

Another week done and dusted and what a busy one it has been. Now of course my favourite way to end it, is with something chocolate!!!!

Chocolate Cupcakes with Butter Cream Frosting


This recipe is one my mum made religiously my entire childhood, I would not have the slightest clue where the original recipe came from, it is at least as old as I am. Mum use to ice these cupcakes in good old chocolate icing and use lollies to make smiley faces =D This is a little bit different but Mum certainly approved the new version of her classic chocolate cake recipe. I decided to try Cupcake Addictions butter cream frosting and my gosh is it amazing!!!! You have to try it, I rate it a 20/10. It is that good.



Ingredients for Cake Batter

1 cup self raising flour, 3/4 cups of white sugar, 2 tablespoons of coco, pinch of salt, 2 eggs, 3 oz butter, Full cream milk

Sift flour into a bowl, add white sugar, coco and pinch of salt, melt butter, add to dry ingredients, break two eggs into 1 cup, fill to top with milk, add to dry ingredients also, mix batter with electric mixer for minimum of 5 minutes, disperse evenly into 12 cupcake cases or into 1 greased and lined cake tin.

Video of buttercream recipe –




Some happy snaps of the girls and I from the weekend =)

IMG_5815 IMG_5780 IMG_5781 IMG_5787 IMG_5822

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