Dark Chocolate Caramel Slice

Another weekend over and another SUCCESS in the kitchen!!!


I feel like I am really getting the hang of this baking business, I’m learning new skills every time I bake. which is really exciting. For a while a lot of recipes I wanted to try I’d put in the too hard basket but now I’m really eager to get into the technical side of it – I think the trick is time, preparation and patience. I’ve learnt over the last couple of months that if I want to bake something new I’m best doing it when I am planning on being home for a good part of the day which is usually Sunday and what better way to end the weekend than with baking??

Today I attempted Dark Chocolate Caramel Slice the recipe is from www.cadburykitchen.com.au

They have a fantastic range of recipes using Cadbury ingredients and their website is a favourite of mine – make sure you give the links above a click and check it out.

Preparing the base was very simple and straight forward, so was making the filling, when I poured the filling on top of the base I was a bit worried because a few little pieces of the base seemed to float to the top, I continued following the instructions and finished baking the slice. Once baked I allowed the slice to stand in the tin for over an hour it was still very warm, even after letting it stand for so long, I took it out of the tray anyway and the filling was very soft but still kept its shape, I placed the slice in the fridge to cool further, I then melted the dark chocolate and added the chocolate layer to the top of the slice. The recipe instructions said to leave the slice at room temperature however I felt like the caramel was far to soft to leave at room temp so I left mine in the fridge and it tastes just lovely, It is a Very rich slice, so a sweet tooth is definitely needed. The base was probably my most favourite part, I am already brainstorming what other toppings would be nice on this particular base. My dark choc caramel slice certainly is no where near as pretty as in the picture on the Cadbury website but with practice it will get better =)




Hope you all had a fantastic weekend Love Hannah xxx


Miss Lily was eyeing off my slice all morning!



10 thoughts on “Dark Chocolate Caramel Slice

    • Thank you Eva! I would love to try a lactose free version too, Even though I’m lucky and don’t have any dietary conditions I still think its nice to change up recipes & experiment =D

  1. They look delicious! I completely agree with you on learning something new each time you bake, by the way – I’m new at this whole baking business and you do actually learn something new every time. 🙂

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