Cake Pop – Fail


I originally had no intention to bake today but I woke up and had the urge to head into town and buy some cake pop tools. Before I went in town I jumped online to do a little research and find what bits and bobs I would need. I came across some of Bakerellas cake pop videos on youtube and had all intentions of making her simple round cake pops. So I made my way in town and then what caught my eye? A lovely pink silicon cake pop mould.  The mould came with a recipe for the batter which is a bit different to how Bakerella makes hers but I thought oh it will end up doing the same thing surely. This is probably my first error.


The recipe was: 113g Butter, 113g Caster Sugar, 3 Eggs, 113g Self raising flower. The batter was very eggy and once cooked super airy. I personally prefer a much heavier consistency with cakes and thought cake pops would be just like that. This batter is complete opposite of what I was expecting and was not nice at all.


I allowed the cakes to cool completely before taking them out of the moulds they came out lovely and clean with only 1 or 2 a little dodgy. I melted about a cup and a half of white chocolate and followed Bakerella’s tips of dipping the stick in chocolate before inserting them into the cake. I left all the pops to sit for about 5-10 minutes I think I probably should have left them for even an hour to make sure the chocolate set before trying to coat them entirely.

This is where I hit my second problem the cake was falling off in the chocolate. The ones I managed to get coated once stood up to dry were obviously too heavy and the sticks pierced straight through the tops =(

I tried 15 times to get it right finally I only had 5 heart shaped cakes left and I decided to make just some plain icing hoping it wouldn’t be too heavy then I have something to show you.


With the left over batter I made 3 cupcakes and played about with some of my cutters I also purchased today. Nothing too exciting really but certainly better than nothing and hopefully you wont make the same mistakes I made today =)

IMG_4420 IMG_4423 IMG_4456

Lots of Lessons learnt. Until next time Cake Pops!

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